November 23, 2010

How To Be In the Web, Not of It

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Another wonderful blog post by Ann Voskamp (who I will need to extol here on my blog sometime very soon) on a blog I'm unfamiliar with, Heart to Heart with Holley.

This one is a correspondence between Ann and Holley, talking about how to be in the world wide web but not of it.


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How To Avoid Getting Caught in the World Wide Web:
Letters between friends about Social Media: #1

a letter from Ann Voskamp to Holley Gerth


Dear Holley, woman with a heart as wide as hope itself…

Do you remember first asking me —"How do you be in the world wide web but not of it?"

How can we navigate this cyberweb and not get caught in it?

Creating buzz while we are soundlessly being wrapped tighter and tighter…. till we are slowly eaten alive…

I know. What does any of this web stuff have to do with anything real, really? The world wide web, these blogs, this thing called "social media" — isn't all just a little bit — virtual? Unreal? Disconnected to the stuff of our life, our hearts?

Media, it comes from the Latin word meaning "middle." This way we're communicating here, right now, on this screen, this is in the middle of us, you and I, the middle of our world right now, and social media is the medium by which we are gathering as a culture right now — readers on one side of the screen and writers on the other — and if this is at the middle of our society right now — how do we ensure God is in the middle of it?

Read the rest of this amazing letter here.