April 25, 2012

The Wonder of Words

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Taking a cue from mama:monk (who I deeply regret not meeting in person while I was in Michigan), I’m going to share with you some of my favorite quotes from the Festival of Faith & Writing that I attended last week in Grand Rapids. These are all from my notes, and I apologize in advance for any misquotes or misidentifications.


“Story makes us more humane, and more human.” – Gary Schmidt

“You will never love art well, until you love what she mirrors better.” – John Ruskin


There is no answer that should fail to provoke a question. – Judith Shulevitz


“Experience with belief encourages belief.” – Jonathan Safran Foer


“Expect to bury something.” – Ann Voskamp


“Even monks do not pray the Hours religiously.” – Paula Huston


“Everything that matters is an all-or-nothing endeavor.” – Jonathan Safran Foer


Grace under duress is the story of all of us. – Brian Doyle


“Those who could make us not love—that is what we are to fear.” – Marilynne Robinson


“A story is a country where you can both stand for a little while.” – Brian Doyle


There are so many cultures in crisis where people reach for poetry the way they reach for prayer. – Marilyn Chandler McEntyre


I felt very much out of my elephant.” – Jonathan Safran Foer


“People are willing to be gracious to religion that is gracious to them.” – Marilynne Robinson


“Name the world in a way that allows us to make it personal.” – Marilyn Chandler McEntyre


“When you are emptiest, you are at the rightest, ripest place to write.” – Ann Voskamp


“The practice of art is the practice of compassion.” – Lan Samantha Chang


“If the struggle is not joyous, it’s the wrong struggle.” – Walter Wangerin, Jr.


“It is the small, daily habits that make the life and what we become. At some level, we know that our habits need to be changed.” – Paula Huston


“Stories should quicken us by shaking our souls.” – Gary Schmidt

“Life’s short, man. Be naked now.” – Brian Doyle