May 12, 2012

Home Improvement

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I though I’d just share a quick note to let my Anam Cara community know that we’ve moved house—sort of.

For the most part, you won’t see any change to the website. It looks like the old digs. The carpet’s still a bit faded in places, and the sofas still have a few odd marks. The soft warmth of the walls still embrace you with joy. A place is still ready for you at the stained kitchen table for you to pull up a chair, nurse a cup of tea and share your heart.

But behind the scenes, there’ve been quite a few changes. Technically, I can’t really tell you what those are—I had people much more versed in code work on the warp and woof of the structures that support this place. Behind the scenes, the roof has been replaced, the furnace refurbished. Behind the scenes, we’ve moved from TypePad to WordPress, in order to have a structure that supports us now and into a growing, quietly growing future. The leaky windows have been replaced, so as to better keept the drafts from snaking under your shirtsleeves and chilling your soul.

With all of those changes, there are bound to be a few stray nails around the place. A faucet may not work on the first turn of the tap. A light switch that used to work reliably may have become temperamental. 

Here’s my invitation: This place it yours as well. Together, we call it home away from home. So, if you find one of those places, a pile of sawdust swept under the rug, a link gone wrong—let me know. Together, we’ll continue tweaking, making a place where contemplative, attention, grace and hope are offered and enjoyed by all.