About Anam Cara

About Anam Cara

Spiritual Direction through Anam Cara Ministries has been a life changing experience for me. The healing and freedom that have occurred, and the better understanding I have of myself and of my God are immeasurable. It is a gift to have someone journey with you, to have them hold your story with you, to have them call out to God on your behalf and help illuminate the path. I am so grateful for the journey I have taken over
the past 2.5 years and look forward to more and more.
I HIGHLY recommend spiritual direction; it is both life changing and life giving. – Rhanda M.


I founded Anam Cara Ministries in 2007 as a place of where true soul friendship can be found. ‘Anam Cara’ is an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘soul friend,’ one of the essential qualities of a spiritual director. Celtic  Christianity and its practices form a foundation to the work of Anam Cara Ministries—from spiritual fri en ds hip to a fundamental respect for creation to the discipline of the hours.

Anam Cara Ministries is meant to be a place of grace and hope, where a deeper relationship with God can be pursued in a context of hospitality and safety. I’ve been a practicing spiritual director for more than five years, and I’m honored that you’ve chosen to explore a little deeper here with me.

More About Tara

I was born in Montreal to British parents who moved to Canada for a better life for their growing family. Canadian by birth and British by blood, I’ve also lived in Raleigh, North Carolina; Washington, DC; Arlington, Virginia and, now, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I discerned the call to spiritual direction while completing my Masters of Theological Studies in Spiritual Formation at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. Like many spiritual directors, I was captured by the incredible privilege it is to companion someone as they discern the voice of the Loving Creator in their lives.

Before pursuing my Spiritual Formation degree, I was a professional print journalist. My love of story drew me to news reporting and then to political journalism. It was that very ear for narrative that God used to bring me to spiritual direction, where I help others make sense of the story in which they are living, and connect it up with the Larger Story of redemption and life that the Trinity is weaving into human history.

In addition to my journey as a spiritual director, I was blessed to marry my love for spiritual formation with my love for the written word as Senior Editor of Conversations Journal for more than seven yearsFounded by Larry Crabb, David Benner and Gary Moon, Conversations was a forum for authentic spiritual transformation where authors such as Dallas Willard and Eugene Peterson discuss the patterns and practice of spiritual growth. Conversations ceased publication in December 2016.

I’ve also had the rich opportunity to publish two distinctly different books, both nonetheless connected to the ways God speaks and moves in our lives. In March 2015, InterVarsity Press published Embracing the Body: Finding God in Our Flesh & Bone. “This book is beautiful, learned and wise,” writes Lauren Winner, author of Girl Meets God and Still. “It will make you think, and it will make you want to say ‘amen’―and, more important, it will enable you more fully to live as a body.”

The second book, an adult coloring that takes you on a spiritual journey, was published by Franciscan Media in 2016. Here’s what one reviewer says about At Play In God’s Creation: An Illuminating Coloring Book: “I was looking forward to this book when I heard that it was coming out. I was just a bit concerned that it wouldn’t add anything to the already flooded adult coloring book market. But when I actually received it (as a birthday gift), I was thrilled to discover that it is head-and-shoulders above any other coloring book out there. Not only is it because the drawings are exquisite in their detail and beauty, but more so because of the intention that this is primarily a book to draw you into a state of worship, contemplation and prayer. For this book, the act of coloring, which is already intended to meditative, is enhanced by the focus of the writing and the images.Thoughtful quotes from some of the most prayerful Christians in the history of the church are entwined in the illustrations that bring the quotes to life. The result is an experience of being drawn into the wonder of God’s beauty and peace. This book would make a tremendous gift for someone who loves Christ and wants to experience a delightful way to draw closer to God in prayer.”

Anam Cara Tara

The desire to step in closer to God, whether you are someone hoping to understand the spiritual longings in your own life, someone hoping to make sense of a period of darkness, someone going through spiritual transition or simply someone wanting to go deeper with Christ takes an incredible amount of courage. Even exploring the possibility is an indication that God is at work in your soul. So, welcome.

Welcome to a place of spiritual friendship, where your journey will be honored, your heart will be treasured and you will be held in prayer before the God who loves you deeply and completely.

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