Retreats & Resources

Retreats & Resources

I so appreciated the words you shared at the retreat and that you followed the direction in which God lead you. These are topics I’ve been studying on my own for about the last year+ and it was a beautiful complement and a gift of God for my heart. – Retreat Attendee


In addition to individual and group spiritual direction, I also lead retreats on a variety of spiritual formation topics. Most recently, I guided a group of believers in the media in New York City and Washington, DC in contemplations of vocation and the story of God through the lens of Exodus.

I have led retreats on the Enneagram, lament, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, prayer, image of God, Scripture meditation, women’s spirituality, sexuality and spirituality, and discernment, as well as a number of other topics. I especially enjoy crafting and leading silent retreats and retreats “in daily life” that introduce and incorporate spiritual practices into the daily lives of retreat attendees.

If you’d like to contact me to speak at or direct a retreat, please email me or call me at (719) 233-5568.

Retreat Curation

If you’re not looking to bring Tara or another member of the Anam Cara Ministries team in to teach or lead and event, but would like help planning, designing and executing a retreat that will meet the needs of your congregation, team, small group or yourself, Anam Cara Ministries is offering an exciting new program: Retreat Curation.

You can choose from a menu of services which include:

† Initial evaluation of needs and desires
† Personalized retreat theming that fits your journey, your needs, your longings (silent, contemplative, discernment, healing the image of God, Rule of Life, and more)
† Help scouting out and discerning the best retreat locations that fit your budget and schedule
† Detailed retreat guide, personalized to you or your team (takes the planning and guess work out of scheduling, without the need to bring in a retreat leader or speaker)
† Resource curation (from music to books to guided meditations)
† One-on-one Skype spiritual direction during the retreat time
† Followup evaluation after the retreat, with next steps moving forward
Costs: TBA

Upcoming Anam Cara Ministries Retreats & Events

Retreat in Daily Life
December 3 – 9, 2017
Colorado Springs, CO
Learn more and register here.

When The Heart Waits: Accepting the Invitations of Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
December 3, 2017 – January 12, 2018
Learn more and register here.

Past Retreats Offered By Anam Cara Ministries

The Enneagram & Time Away with God
June 21-22, 2017
Compassion Canada Team
Glen Eyrie Castle
Colorado Springs, CO

Rabbinic Scripture Study (Host)
July 20-25, 2017
Colorado Springs, CO
By Invitation Only

The Soul Care Institute: Critical Issues in Soul Care
November 6-9, 2017
Potter’s Inn
Divide, Colorado

IAC All Church Retreat

Quaker Ridge Camp
Woodland Park, CO
April 25-27, 2014

Coming Home: An Online Journey Into Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
Sunday, December 1 – Monday, January 6, 2o14

UMC Youth Leader’s Enneagram Retreat
Colorado Springs, CO
September 23 & 24, 2013

Rabbinic Scripture Study
Colorado Springs, CO
September 16-18, 2013
February 1-3, 2013

Practicing Resurrection: Spirituality & The Body
Sunday School Class
Springs Community Church
Colorado Springs, CO
May 22, 2013

Spirituality & The Body
Introductory Talk for Missionaries & Pastors
Potter’s Inn
Divide, CO
May 18, 2013

Skype for Spiritual Direction
Webinar for Spiritual Directors
In Partnership with ESDA
April 9, 2013

3rd Annual Retreat In Daily Life
February 17-23, 2013
Colorado Springs, CO
Click here to learn more.

IAC’s 2nd Annual Retreat In Daily Life
February 26 – March 3, 2012


Articles by Tara

“O Taste & See” in Conversations Journal, Issue 8.2: Fall/Winter 2010

“Front Page” in Conversations Journal, Issue. 8.2: Fall/Winter 2010

“Front Page” in Conversations Journal, Issue 7.1: Spring/Summer 2009

A review of “Contemplative Prayer: Praying When The Well Runs Dry” in Presence Journal, 2009

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Anam Cara Abbey

Are you a spiritual director looking for community, support, supervision or consulting? Please join me at the Anam Cara Abbey, a place of support for spiritual directors and practitioners of soul care.


Online Resources

Pray As You Go

A wonderful ecumenical resource for prayers along the way. Pray As You Go partners with Taize and many other communities to provide daily liturgical prayer and Scripture reading designed to start and end your day with contemplative space. Also click on their resources for praying with the breath and the body. Very highly recommended.

Sacred Space

An excellent resource for those seeking solace in their busy electronic lives. The Irish Jesuits have created such a space and invite you into it.

Abbey of the Arts

An incredible site dedicated to artistic expression and an understanding of how God speaks through our creative faculties. The Abbey also offers online and in-person retreats for developing these modes of access to God. Highly recommended.

More links and recommendations to come!

Recommended Retreat Centers in Colorado

If you’re looking for a guided retreat, some simple quiet time away or a place to host a group for a retreat, I recommend the following retreat centers:

The Potter’s Inn at Aspen Ridge

The Potter’s Inn is a Christian ministry devoted to the work of spiritual formation. The Potter’s Inn at Aspen Ridge is available for individual, group and guided retreats. Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, it is a quiet, beautiful location in which to meet God.

Benet Hill Monastery

Benet Hill is a Benedictine monastery nestled in the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs. Surrounded by beautiful pines and wrapped in nourishing silence, the Sisters at Benet Hill welcome all. There are several hermitages on property for individual and group retreats, and classes and further education are continually offered at this stunning new facility.

Franciscan Retreat Center at Mount St. Francis

The Franciscan Center provides a quiet, reflective atmosphere for people of all faiths and beliefs for retreats, workshops, seminars, select celebrations, or just time away.

The Center has three buildings which include: 34 bedrooms with baths; 2 handicapped bedrooms; 2 large conference rooms (45-120); 3 small meeting rooms (6-40); a lobby, fireplace and reception area; and a large dining room with a bright, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for 120 persons.
Sacred Heart Retreat Center

Sacred Heart Retreat House is a Colorado oasis of peace and beauty welcoming those who seek to deepen their relationship with God, and dedicated to retreats and spiritual direction in the tradition of St. Ignatius Loyola.

We are located on 280 acres in the foothills of the Rockies, about 25 miles south of Denver and 45 miles north of Colorado Springs. Surrounded by spectacular natural beauty and panoramic views of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the retreat house offers the perfect setting for solitude, reflections and prayer.

Silent retreats, including directed, private, preached, and the 30-day Spiritual Exercise, are available year-round for clergy, religious and laypersons.

Recommended Retreat Centers in Ontario

Crieff Hills

Crieff Hills Community, a Retreat and Conference Centre, is located on 250 acres of land west of Crieff, Ontario, a small village about 60km west of Toronto. The land was gifted to the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1950 by col John Bayne Maclean, founder of “Maclean’s” magazine.

We invite you to join us at Crieff Hills. Plan time as an individual, a small group or a family and come away for the day – or to stay.

Queen of the Apostles Renewal Center

Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre, located near Mississauga, is under the direction of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate of Assumption Province, a Roman Catholic religious congregation of priests and brothers. The Oblate mission impels us to focus our resources on the needs of those whose condition cries out most urgently for spiritual renewal and healing. We are committed to foster strong couple relationships in marriage. As well, it is important to us to nurture a holistic spiritual development of individuals who seek to improve the quality of their life with God. We embrace the full participation and collaboration of laity and religious in our Oblate apostolate and the complementarity of men and women collaborating as equals. Queen of Apostles is an ecumenical centre, a place of warm hospitality. For all who search for the meaning and understanding of life in our consumer oriented society our centre is a safe haven, holy ground.

Loyola House

Loyola House began its life as a Retreat House known as the Guelph Centre of Spirituality more than 40 years ago. Since then, it has developed an international reputation as a leader in Spiritual training and, in particular, the Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. More than 70,000 retreatants have taken part in its programs to assist with the formation, liberation and replenishment of their interior lives.

Over the past few years, Loyola House has also opened its doors to conferences, retreats, special events, banquets and meetings for the profit and non-profit sectors. Hundreds of organizations find its tranquil setting, its beauty and its facilities to be a unique location for such events, quite unlike the more traditional hotels and conference centres.

We invite you to call us or visit this magnificent property to learn more about how we can help you achieve your personal and professional goals, enhance your life, your Faith or your business and leave refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of the world.

Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Center

Manresa is a Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Center located near Pickering, Ontario. It hosts retreats, 12-step programs and many other opportunities for enriching the spiritual life. Manresa’s property is an incredible mix of simplicity and beauty, a place to find God in the midst of our busy lives.


St. Patrick’s Breastplate

An ancient prayer ascribed to St. Patrick. It is an excellent prayer for life, protection and courage during the day.

St. Francis’s Prayer

A prayer for peace, in the typical style of St. Francis, designed to center us on God and on His work through us in the world.

The Jesus Prayer

A simple, ancient prayer, the Jesus Prayer is designed to be repeated often to bring the soul into a quite place of continual prayer. Several spiritual classics are based on this prayer, and it remains a staple of the church worldwide.

Breath Prayers

One of the beautiful things that emerged from the disciplined life of the Desert Fathers was their soul-full practice of contemplative prayer, including the use of “Breath Prayers.”  The Desert Fathers preferred short, one breath prayers offered in a receptive stillness before God, following the example of Jesus’ own Breath Prayers and his teaching on avoiding many worded prayers that attempt to manipulate God or impress people (Matthew 6:7).  To focus their minds simply on Christ and to descend with Christ into their hearts these monks slowly repeated their short holy prayers over and over with each breath.  Many of these prayers were a perfect body rhythm of seven syllables that easily could be whispered in one breath.  Often they would breathe their prayer before going to sleep at night until it prayed itself within their souls while they slept.  Then when they awoke in the morning the prayer was still on their lips!

A Daily Prayer and A Prayer for Life

A resource from Ransomed Heart Ministries for deeply developed prayers.

Further Reading

Click here for a list of recommendations for further reading on spiritual direction, spiritual development, the Enneagram and more.

For Spiritual Directors

Are you a spiritual director looking for more information? Please join me over at: Resources for Spiritual Directors